• , n. (Mus.) Double bass; -- applied to any instrument of thesame deep range as the stringed double bass; as, the contrabassophicleide; the cotrabass tuba or bombardon.

  • European Stringed Instrument, used for orchestral purposes. Found in modern music in the form of an electric bass.

  • A large stringed instrument of the bass register. Usually played with a bow in classical styles, but also played by finger plucking is other music genres such as Jazz. In this case, it is also known as a stand

  • A contrabass is a large European stringed instrument that belongs to the viol family. It produces deep (and very low) notes with a rich sound. It's lowest note is the E string (although this can be lowered even further with the help of a C extension or an additional string) which is the equivilant of the E two octaves below middle C on piano. The contrbass is common (although not nearly as common as a cello or violin) in jazz or classical pieces, although does not go very far in many other genres. Generally, the contrabass plays the harmony and is rarely given solos.


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