• Of or pertaining to the passover, or to Easter; as, a paschallamb; paschal eggs. Longfellow. Paschal candle (R. C. Ch.), a largewax candle, blessed and placed on the altar on Holy Saturday, or theday before Easter.-- Paschal flower. See Pasque flower, under Pasque.

  • an awesome name for an awesome person, sounds a bit like pastille (as in fruit pastilles) but dont hold that against her because everyone knows fruit pastilles are awesome as well.
    pronounced pass ka(as in cat) l
    meaning: divine one
    a cool person to just go to the cinemas with, or chill out in the pub with, never play her at pool because she is Wayyy too good at it, has an epic taste in music, and ive never yet seen her look anything short of Astounding
    in summary if you dont know paschal, your missing out.