• Of or pertaining to sex, or the sexes; distinguishing sex;peculiar to the distinction and office of male or female; relating tothe distinctive genital organs of the sexes; proceeding from, orbased upon, sex; as, sexual characteristics; sexual intercourse,connection, or commerce; sexual desire; sexual diseases; sexualgeneration. Sexual dimorphism (Biol.), the condition of having one ofthe sexes existing in two forms, or varieties, differing in color,size, etc., as in many species of butterflies which have two kinds offemales.-- Sexual method (Bot.), a method of classification proposed byLinn├Žus, founded mainly on difference in number and position of thestamens and pistils of plants.-- Sexual selection (Biol.), the selective preference of one sex forcertain characteristics in the other, such as bright colors, musicalnotes, etc.; also, the selection which results from certainindividuals of one sex having more opportunities of pairing with theother sex, on account of greater activity, strength, courage, etc.;applied likewise to that kind of evolution which results from suchsexual preferences. Darwin.In these cases, therefore, natural selection seems to have actedindependently of sexual selection. A. R. Wallace.

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  • (Scottish Slang) When something is immense, great, superb, any of the aforementioned terms and the like.

    1. Pertaining to sex.

  • Exclamation of something positive. In reference to having sex.