• Of or pertaining to a palace; suitable for a palace; resemblinga palace; royal; magnificent; as, palatial structures. Palatialstyle. A. Drummond.

    1. The virtual every-adjective. Can be used in place of any adjective, in any language, in any country, on any planet. (In most cases, accompanied in the same sentence by the noun [regalia]) (Used as a positive in most cases)

    2. Pertaining to or suitable of a palace.

  • The new replacement for the overused and ghey word '[EPIC]'.

    Simply replace with 'palatial' wherever '[epic]' was used.

  • A word that describes something exuberant and/or extrordinary.

    Anything that is considered epic or worth remembering.

  • One of the awesomest words in the world. Equal with Regalia.
    It can mean what every you want