• To enroll; to enter in a register; specifically, to enter oradmit to membership in a body or society, particularly in a collegeor university, by enrolling the name in a register.In discovering and matriculating the arms of commissaries from NorthAmerica. Sir W. Scott.

  • A term used originally used by Hank Stram, the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1960's during Superbowl IV, which describes consistently gaining yards and moving the football down the field against an opponents defense.

    The term is now used by a multitude of sports anchors when reviewing football highlights.

  • A fancy word used to make yourself sound more intelligent in a high stakes situation. Actual definition is irrelevant, use it confidently to replace any more common word and earn immediate respect from your friends and co-workers.

  • v. To Matriculate

    Matriculate - To age, mature, or to improve/make better.

  • verb: to enroll as a member of a body and especially of a college or university. (kind of sounds dirty, so it is good to use on dumb fucks who are fat and were only tshirts, also they want know the word b/c their being dumb keeps them from matriculating)

    1. (v.) To incite. To make something happen.
    2. (v.) To move from one venue to another.

  • To carry, esp. in football. Used most often by sports news anchors.