• That which cools, or abates heat or excitement.if acid things were used only as coolers, they would not be so properin this case. Arbuthnot.

  • A hand in poker in which a person with a very strong hand (often the 2nd best possible hand) is beaten by the best possible hand (usually a very rare full house, four of a kind, or straight flush). The 2nd best hand is so strong that it is impossible to fold, usually resulting in the loss of a lot of money and sometimes, an existential crisis.

  • synonym for jail

    also [clink], [iron city], [lockdown], [tank], and [bighouse]

  • a third party hired to run

  • A sweet alcoholic beverage. Usually fruity flavored and with vodka. Mike's hard lemonade, smirnoff fruit flavored ones..

  • A term used to describe someone whow either knowingly (usually found in casinos) or unknowingly (usually in a bar) ruins a hot streak or situation.

    When assosciated with the ruining of any type of foundation trying to be laid with picking up chicks, it is often accompanied by a fierce blowing wind sound caused by the offender, which in turn leads to his poor friends freezing instantaneously like cartoon characters.

  • Apart from the orginal word of cooler which most people know what it means. In casino terms, it is someone that has bad luck to make other people lose.

  • A cooler is a person who is a nark, or negative person particulary in relation to gambling or punting.

    A Cooler is also a name for a pessimistic person who enjoys watching people or events fail.

  • A villain from the popular anime, Dragon Ball Z. Hes appeared in 2 movies, and hes the villain of both.
    He is the brother of Frieza. And hes achieved a form further than Frieza, where he is stronger.
    Plus he can blow up a planet with his finger and not even break a sweat.

  • A container for keeping food or bottles cool.


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