• A plug introduced into a natural or artificial cavity of thebody in order to arrest hemorrhage, or for the application ofmedicine.

  • A compacted tubular-shaped piece of cotton with a plastic applicator that women and emo boys insert into their vaginas when they're having their period.

  • Kryptonite for male species, especially when asked to purchase said item.

  • Resident of Tampa, FL

  • A small nuclear-warhead shaped bunch of cotton inside of either a flushable cardboard or pearly kinda plastic applicator, with a little cotton string on the end to pull the tampon out with. Hurts sometimes. Always wrapped in a noisy plastic wrapper. We chicks put these in our [fish tacos] when we get our rag. Changed every 8 hours, with an extended use posing a risk for TSS (toxic shock syndrome).

  • something women put in their vaginas to stop menstrual flow (blood) from going into their underwear. tampons are comfy and can be nice because you can swim in them. although comfy, they don't tend to be popular to girls that have only recently started menstruating because they're worried about something being stuck up their vagina and losing their virginity.

  • The next level of being a douchebag, when someone tries to insert an opionon when its not asked for, attempts to force something, causes frustration and irritation, or is being obnoxious.

  • a bullette shaped peice of cotton that the femal species insert into their vaginal opening to absorb the blood but if a tampon is inserting the wrong way it can cause severe discomfort ( the feminine time iten that ladies most fear but actually when inserted correctly causes not pain at all and are quite comfortable)


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