• The longer liver of two joint tenants, or two persons having ajoint interest in anything. Blackstone.

  • The greatest TV Show... since... well... ever.

  • A reality tv show on CBS, created by Mark Burnett, that debued in the summer of 2000 and features sixteen contestants or “castaways” originally composed of two teams of eight that live in seclusion in a remote part of the world to eat bugs, snakes, dirt, game and scorpions for like a month for a million dollars. Physical competitions are held each week to determine which team will win an award challenge, and then another challenge to determine who will win immunity. The team that doesnt win immunity must vote off a teammate. This also happens after the tribal merge but immunity goes to the individual instead and an individual is then voted out of the game. Midway through the season, the two teams are merged to form a single tribe when the real cut-throat part of the game really begins, where your friend is now your foe. The winner of the million is announced on live television on the last episode.

    The show has been filmed in such remote locations as Borneo (the 1st season), the Australian Outback, the Marcaisas, the Amazon, China, Pearl Islands, Panama and Fiji.

  • A popular reality TV show in which numerous randomly selected contestants make pitiful attempts to survive in a secluded area while they bitch about their workload until they are eventually voted off by their teammates.

  • What Americans call survivor is what Canadian's call camping.

  • A book by Chuck Palahniuk satirizing the American obsession with celebrity. It is perhaps the most hilarious and politically incorrect book of the past twenty years. Revolves around Tender Branson, the last living member of the Creedish Death Cult and newborn televangelist.

  • A gold-digger in the making. Young female without a job or a low paying job with a jet setter life style on Instagram or Facebook. Getting free stuff, from dinner to trips and cloths.

  • (television show) Why the world hates America.

  • Began in the 1980's to identify victims of child abuse. Used as a mean of creating a 'new identity,' other than that of 'Victim,' or 'Monster.' Also used to acknowledge what actions, coping mechanisms, behaviors one has done to survive, which might not necessarily be considered 'right, good and moral,' in a peaceful, loving and safe environment.

  • The 80s Arena (Corporate) Rock band that produced several albums, and numerous smash hits, including Eye of The Tiger, High On You, The Search Is Over, American Heartbeat, Is This Love, and I Cant Hold Back.

  • Great show to watch, terrible show to be on. Its like if an emotional Chinese or Mexican who makes minimum wage and wants to win money by working even more.


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