• A robber upon the sea; a pirate; -- a term applied especiallyto the piratical adventurers who made depredations on the Spaniardsin America in the 17th and 18th centuries. [Written also bucanier.]

  • from the french word boucanier originally meant to roast meat on open, barbeque-like fire pits.
    gradually developed into buccaneer meaning french flibusters who harassed spanish shipping in the carribbean.
    eventually included all english, french, and dutch pirates and privateers who attacked spanish ships in the 1600s.

    also the name of a decent professional football team in Tampa Bay, FL.

  • 1.Pirate
    2.Someone cool
    3.A cool pirate

  • when you cum shot on a girl then kick her leg so she is hopping on one foot and holding her eye

  • A double crossing, sneaky illusionist. Lures friends into a false sense of security before dropping a sneaky bombshell on them. Are known to cast low level spells and illusions.

  • A buccaneer is when youre doing a girl in the back so you punch her on the ass and as she turns around you bust in her eye as she screams ARRG me Booty! while giving you the pirate eye

  • Someone who works at Starbucks. A Starbucks employee.

  • Originating in old English, it is another term for Miya, who accidentally said buccaneer instead of buckaroo during the making of an audio tape.


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