• A kind of linen first manufactured in Holland; a linen fabricused for window shades, children's garments, etc.; as, brown orunbleached hollands.

  • Common misconception. Holland is what many people (including some native Dutch) call The Netherlands. Holland, however is a province of The Netherlands, where the capital Amsterdam happens to be.

    We speak Dutch in [The Netherlands], so in Holland too.

  • Very few girls are given this name. But if you come across someone who is never forget her. She tends to be really funny and a blast to be around. Shes just a straight up G.

  • Holland is a rare name for girls. Hollands will usually have a great taste in music and are incredibly talented artists, and also enjoy drinking tea while watching Christmas lights. If you know a girl named Holland, she is probably the most amazing and gorgeous girl you know, so dont forget about her!

  • (Simple English)

    Holland: Actual Name: The Netherlands (Nederland)
    Ethnic Groups: 80% Dutch

    20% other
    Capital: Amsterdam
    Population: 16,500,156
    Size: 41.526 Square Kilometers
    Government type: Democratic Kingdom

    The Netherlands is a small country, but very important.
    It Has 2 Large Cities: Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world. This has to be so, because the Dutch Economy relies on it.

    The official langauge is Dutch. There are also regions where other dialects are spoken.

    The country consists of 12 provinces, who all have there own capital. One province Flevoland, was first in the sea, but was dug out later.

    Most people think all Dutch people hate germans, but that is not true. Most Dutch people feel absolutely no hatred against the Germans.

    Good things that come from Holland are: The Beer, Phillips, Soccer clubs, video games, movie directors, cheese and tulips.

    In The Netherlands, Hasj is legal. This worries many people, but it is handled well. Also Prostitution is legal.
    The Legal age to drink is 16, to drive is 17.

    The Immigrants, can come to the Netherlands, But are mostly treated as second-class people.

    Basically you can read everything what Italiano1207 says, and believe the Opposite. He probaply is 12 years old.

  • A beautiful nice human being. Usually nice and caring for others. Shy at times but when she gets to know you she opens up and you get to know her true self. She is a hopeless romantic and many people like her but never tell her.

  • A city in southwest Michigan known for its Tulip Festival and a large population of repressed white Christian middle-class baby-boomers desperatley seeking to stem the tide of modern culture and minority empowerment.

  • A Nørro (ancient viking language) word for Woodland.

  • Going to water to throw rocks and think alone.

  • Now a common Cornish family name, which originally came from the Hollanders whose ancestors descended from the hol land (hollow land) at the turn of the 14th century in search for [Cider] and [pasties]. Truth be known, they were indeed driven out of Holland by the Danes for being poor lovers and sportsmen!
    Also, the former founders of the supermarket Lidls, where quality was only surpassed by cheapness and tack. Just walk up to a Hollander today in the street (they are easy to spot, always wearing football tops and eating pasties) and ask them about Lidls supermarkets; they will answer: Theyre the best kept secret in town, lots of bargains to be had, save lots of money and free parking... Because they tend to miss their hol land dont be surprised if you hear them moaning aloud about traditional english heritage, especially public taverns that sell real traditional ale and real potatoes with meat... just like in their favourite pastie you would think?

  • U are a kind and loving person who also has a fears side. You are meant to be a movie star with your looks and talent. You are so caring to your friends and u are a beautiful all the girls want to be like you, you are funny and kind.


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