• An officer who is appointed to guard hedges, and to keep cattlefrom breaking or cropping them, and whose further duty it is toimpound animals found running at large.

  • a city in the east part of the san francisco bay area in california. there is a university there; Cal State East Bay (formally known as Cal State Hayward.)often reffered to as the haystack. their area code is 510. near the city of Fremont.

  • A name of english descent, literally meaning guardian

  • Hayward is the meaning of a sweet ; perfect guy and person overall. Anyone who meets him will instatly get butterflies and completely fall inlove with him. Hes a nice, funny, smart and outstanding and fun person to be around. Any girl who gets him is the luckiest girl in the worl. Hes something to take pride in and never let go. Hayward is the type of guy that will be there forever. He is love


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