• A sudden violent gust of wind often attended with rain or snow.The gray skirts of a lifting squall. Tennyson.Black squall, a squall attended with dark, heavy clouds.-- Thick squall, a black squall accompanied by rain, hail, sleet, orsnow. Totten.-- White squall, a squall which comes unexpectedly, without beingmarked in its approach by the clouds. Totten.

  • The guy that should have fucked rinoa centuries ago.

  • A guy whose past is a little tragic, so he became a cold-hearted asshole to everyone, became distant and individually became a loner. Seems to lack the ability to get it with the opposite sex.

    1. A storm in the ocean, somewhat like an underwater tornado, it usually consists of heavy currents, but it has no effect on the surface. 2) The aloof protaganist of Final Fantasy VIII, his trademark being a scar on his face and a sword with a pistol added to the handle, called a [gunblade]

  • FF8 character who has a very complex emotional problem due to the fact that many of his loved ones left him at an early age. 😛 im sure if the game lasted longer he would have banged Rinoa six hundred times..

  • verb (reflexive) - to pleasure oneself in a punishing manner

    Related forms: squall·ing, squall·ed

    Origin: early 21st century; perhaps Guaminese; from the Guamanian tradition of squalling over one's roommate while he sleeps on Ambien

  • Cutest Final Fantasy guy eva!!!

  • A very introverted FF8 character who everyone hates except for me but I dont actually know why.

  • A usually past passing storm with lots of rain, thunder, lightning and wind. During the winter, there can also be snow squalls.

    His Whatever remarks just made him even sexier!!And look,hes got a SCAR!Waiiiii!!