• One of many species of small singing birds of the familyFringilligæ, having conical bills, and feeding chiefly on seeds. Manysparrows are called also finches, and buntings. The common sparrow,or house sparrow, of Europe (Passer domesticus) is noted for itsfamiliarity, its voracity, its attachment to its young, and itsfecundity. See House sparrow, under House.

  • a songbird of the family Passeridae or of the family Emberizidae

    1. The pubic area of a virgin or young girl. 2. The peach fuzzy mound on girls.

  • Horror movie released in 2010 starring Thomas James Longley, Faye Sewell, Alexis Jayne Defoe, Eric Kolelas, Sarah Linda and Jack W. Carter. The film was directed by Shaun Troke and was filmed on location in Poland. It premiered in London in 2010.

  • a girl who seems tough, angry and mean, but after you get to know her you realize she is the exact opposite. Often young-looking.

  • Penis

    Catullus often refers to to a passer (translated to sparrow) in his poems... The Greeks often used the names of birds to refer to a man's penis.

  • To be 'sparrow' is to try to behave in a manner similar to that of the character Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

    See also: [random]

  • The act of getting a dry handy by a random female while in the middle of a crowded movie theatre. One must yell out SPARROW at completion to let all the other bros in the movie know what happened.

  • adj. being able to dance with style and an edge but not lose strength and power; ability to dance fiercly and manly at the same time, usually to music by or like Sam Sparrow.

  • The funniest, most charming, and undoubtedly a beautiful woman. Being a friend with her makes good company, but being her enemy, youll face a wrath greater than Hell.


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