• The theological tenets or doctrines of John Calvin (a Frenchtheologian and reformer of the 16th century) and his followers, or ofthe so-called calvinistic churches.

  • The System of theology, defined by John Calvin, emphasizing the sovereignty of God over the free will of man, in which God undoubtedly and effectually saves His elect.

  • A system of belief promoted by its author John Calvin based entirely on a Platonic evaluation of the letters of Paul of Tarsus. Calvin posited that Christ died for a very few people and then re-interpreted both the Old Testament and the New Testament with the idea of a predestined fate for every person as being among the elected minority or the damned majority. It does great violence to the New Testament by making it subject to a Pauline interpretation of the Old Testament. Also a totalitarian pseudo-Christian cult of the Puritan or Reformed variety. It denies free will and imposes the biblical law of Calvin's Institutes on all people.

  • Christian creed that really makes God out to be a child abuser who favors one child above the other. The one who he does not favor is thrown on a highway full of cars and gets his child killed. Upheld by all the Fundamentalist Baptist Cults who claim that Once

  • A theological system made up by Augustine of Hippo, further systematized by the arriving of John Calvin. It teaches double-predestination; fatalism.


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