• One who dances or who practices dancing. The merry dancers,beams of the northern lights when they rise and fall alternatelywithout any considerable change of length. See Aurora borealis, underAurora.

  • A very hard working athlete usually talented and dedicated to the art of body movememnt, not party

  • One who is passionate about [dancing]. This person has energy and lights up the stage when performing. Some types of dance he or she might take are ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, or modern.

  • Person who creates art with the body. Person who allowes the audience to see music.

  • someone who everyone thinks shes anerixic and she really isn't. you might consider it a sport but its really a art which you work just as hard if not harder at dance than a prefesional athlete would at thier soprt. you work hard and do your best. its not as easy as everyone thinks it is because if it was, then everyone would be doing it. just because i can lift my leg up high doesnt mean that im stuck up or a bitch. we work hard at ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop or pointe not at being a slut in a bar or a lap sitter.

  • An exclamation of joy and happiness, this slang term is used across central Scotland and covers the full range of positive outbursts. Thought to have first been used during filming of the Moulin Rouge in Paris by a world famous Scottish actor, the term “Ya Dancer,” is also used in reference to the reindeer of the same name who works at the aforementioned venue.

  • Someone who is half an athlete and half an artist. [Muscular] [artist]
    [talented] [athlete] [ballerina]

  • Used when something good happens. Most commonly used in East Scotland.


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