• The point of junction of the sagittal and lambdoid sutures ofthe skull. Lambda moth (Zoöl.), a moth so called from a mark on itswings, resembling the Greek letter lambda (

  • A symbol in the greek alphabet.
    In physics, represents nuclear half life, or the wavelength of a ray/photon/light.
    Used in the Half-Life games as the symbol for the rebellion. Also represents the game in general.

  • term used to describe the [gay], [bisexual], [lesbian], [transgendered], and [progressive] [subculture]; term used to describe the gay civil rights movement.

  • The radioactive decay constant. Symbol for nuclear half life.

    Like the rainbow, the lambda is yet another cool symbol stolen by the gay community.

  • Lambda refers to the common household pet. This pet is never to be named anything other than lambda. Lambdas can be cross bred between other animals such as [unicorns]. This particular breed is called a lambda corn. Other common crossbreeds are pamela anderson lambda= pamlambda anderson. Lambdas are sold at a price of 300 yen or 600 yen when it is buy one lambda get on free.


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