• Cotton cloth, printed with flowers and other devices, in anumber of different colors, and often glazed. Swift.

  • very cheap and low quality

  • Always looking for a bargain. Will sacrifice quality for quantity. Can be used to describe a cheap looking item. e.g. chintzy suit.

  • to be cheap, miserly, not willing to pay for quality, or wanting to just get by as opposed to making a good investment

  • A vintage style pattern used originally for wallpaper and furniture coverings.
    Chintz has transformed over the decades from a an old Granny style fussy pattern, to a modern, sexy style emblem.
    Modern furniture stores have seen Chintz floral patterns move in and out of fashion, varying in colours and patterns.
    Chintz can even be seen in some Gothic corsetry and related fashions.

  • Bestfriends who are awesome , funny, beautiful,


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