• A spirituous liquor distilled by the Chinese from the yeastyliquor in which boiled rice has fermented under pressure. S. W.Williams.

  • An electronic musical instrument that plays back and records sounds so that they can be played using a [keyboard] or a [sequencer]. Not to be confused with a [synthesizer] or [ROMpler]

  • When approaching a lady, or dude, offer them a sampler. This is comprised of no more than 5 sexual activites, without penetration, lasting no more than 30 seconds each. It is a small taste of what you consider to be your best maneuvers.

  • having sex once, one blowjob, and one handjob in an 8 month period from a gf and never getting anything after!

  • when people go around and just take samples of food with no intention of buying anything from the place they are sampling

  • The act of spreading a womans ass, and either licking her pussy or her butthole.

  • When you jerk off and blow it in your hand. Then you bring it to your mouth and take a lick


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