• The friar skate. [Prov. Eng.] Doctors' Commons. See underCommons.-- Doctor's stuff, physic, medicine. G. Eliot.-- Doctor fish (Zoöl.), any fish of the genus Acanthurus; thesurgeon fish; -- so called from a sharp lancetlike spine on each sideof the tail. Also called barber fish. See Surgeon fish.

  • Someone who puts up with an ever more impatient public demanding quick fixes for innocuous conditions while facing scrutiny from those who judge service, cost-accountability, and adherence to legal definitions of medicine.

  • A Doctor is someone who goes to school for up to 16 years after they graduate high school, only to lose their job and liscense on their first day because some family filed a malpractice lawsuit because he couldn't save their doomed-in-the-first-place family member.

  • An alien with two hearts, resembling a human, who travels through time and space with various gorgeous companions that can't resist him because he's just so awesome. Battles evil aliens all over the universe and saves countless lives, civilizations, and planets.

  • Doctor Who?

  • The man who will save the Earth.

  • Someone who has spent 11-16 years of training after high school and over hundreds of thousands of dollars to become certified as a doctor.

  • a total screaming genius, but humble and a little bit sexy.

  • A med school graduate

    Somehow commands a level of prestige in society beyond his means.


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