• A beautiful gem of a deep red color (with a mixture of scarlet)called by the Greeks anthrax; found in the East Indies. When held upto the sun, it loses its deep tinge, and becomes of the color ofburning coal. The name belongs for the most part to ruby sapphire,though it has been also given to red spinel and garnet.

  • A small white corral growth on the sphincter.

  • The act of when a homosapian has digested said amounts of nourishments and needs to unpleasantly/forcefully relieve him or herself via the anal cavity.

    Generally the creation of a carbuncle occurs when the stomach is aided by numerous amounts of alcoholic beverages, forcing the conclusion to be highly stagnant and unpleasant to pass.

  • A rabbit-like Creature from the infamus final fantasy series. Carbuncle uses a jewel on its head to cast reflect


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