• An estate in real property, of inheritance (in fee simple orfee tail) or for life; or the tenure by which such estate is held.Kent. Burrill. To abate into a freehold. See under Abate.

  • A fucking awesome town in New Jersey. Fuck what all the surrounding towns say, freehold is fucking awesome.

  • Freehold New Jersey is famous for everything including, gangsters, wanna be gangsters, mexicans, guidos, freehold raceway mall, freehold raceway, da BORO, the ritas in da boro, west freehold, turkey swamp, The WOW, yo mon frozen yogurt, n sooooooo much more! alot people think that Freehold is da best place 2 live but let me tell u something, WE HAVE PROBLEMS TOO! Like i said, u got alot of guidos, gangsters, n of course the wanna be gangsters(n supprisngly they're the popular kids). since most kids in freehold live like 5 minutes away from the mall, their completely spoiled. however around 9th grade less and less kids go to the mall so yeaaaa. the point is, freehold might have everything but like every town we have alot bad shit that you get annoyed of. take it for someone who lives in freehold, don't move here!

  • A rich town in Central Jersey that consists of wannabe ghetto kids just like Manalapan, if not worse. The town is divided into Freehold Township


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