• A flying machine, or a small plane for experiments on flying,which floats in the air only when propelled through it.

  • 1.)a word used when you have notihng else to say
    2.)a really good song by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

  • Aeroplane can be defined as-

    1. a big thing that flies.
    2. A song off one hot minute by the [Red Hot Chili Peppers]. It's bassline started research into the new science of 'Quantum Bass Playing', whereby a bassist and his instrument essentially become one on a quantum level whilist playing. In [Buddhism], this is known as Bass-lightenment. [FLEA] is the only human ever known to have achieved this ultimate goal (although [Cliff Burton] came pretty close} sparking rumours that he is, in fact, [God].

  • The single most functional and revered word in the english language.
    Can be used as a noun, verb, expletive, as a complete sentence or as a fragment of a sentence. There are devotees to the word aeroplane and who will interject it into conversations as often as they can. Although this is always forgiven, because as previously stated, it is the most functional and revered word in the english language.

  • the best chili peppers song.

  • The correct spelling of what the American's call 'airplane' because they can't be arsed to pronounce it right. The same general rule can be applied to most of the English language that they've decided to take over. See also [word]colour[/word].


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