• A sylvan deity or demigod, represented as part man and partgoat, and characterized by riotous merriment and lasciviousness.Rough Satyrs danced; and Fauns, with cloven heel, From the glad soundwould not be absent long. Milton.

  • The Satyrs were creatures who looked like men, but had the hooves as feet as well as the tails of goats. They could be best described as goat-men. Many of the Satyrs accompanied Dionysus (Bacchus) pouring his wine and playing music on their flutes for him. Silenus, who was the oldest of the Satyrs is said to have tutored Dionysus.

      One of the most famous Satyrs was Pan, a son of Hermes and a nymph. He was the god of green fields and the guardian of the shepherds. He is also associated with the worship of Dionysus.

  • A gay guy who has, often notably, hairy legs but little to no upper body/chest hair.
    See also faun, satyrs often also have beards, goatees, facial hair where as fauns tend to be clean shaven.

  • The origional [pimp] crew. These were the pimp-god Dionysus' bitches.


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