• A person, object, influence, or supernatural being which issupposed to bring bad luck or to cause things to go wrong. [Slang]

    Jinx meaning & definition 1 of Jinx.

  • A superstitious term meaning to give something bad luck or misfourtune

    Jinx meaning & definition 2 of Jinx.

  • when two people coincidentally say the same phrase together at the same time, the first one to then say jinx puts bad luck on the other.

    Jinx meaning & definition 3 of Jinx.

  • to give bad luck

    Jinx meaning & definition 4 of Jinx.

  • This occurs when two or more people say a word or phrase simultaneously. It is usually followed up with a childish taunt by the onlooker.

    Jinx meaning & definition 5 of Jinx.

  • to say something at the same time as someone else. If you say jinx

    Jinx meaning & definition 6 of Jinx.

  • Jinx is a term used by the weak minded who create a self fulfilling prophecy for their own downfall.

    Jinx meaning & definition 7 of Jinx.

  • When u jinx someone u give them [bad luck] and so they miss or they do a bad job at w/e they were doing.

    Jinx meaning & definition 8 of Jinx.

  • a curse
    the fact that something always goes wrong when a certain item/person is involved means that the item/person is jinxed

    Jinx meaning & definition 9 of Jinx.

  • Jinx
    That girl that walks around the Weltec campus, beautiful and dangerous. Her eyes are as dangerous as her smile is seductive and sweet as honey. Her body from heaven and her fashion sense from the riches of hell.

    Jinx meaning & definition 10 of Jinx.

  • When used as a name:
    1)A person who usualy has bad luck.
    2) One (usually female) that commonly rebels. May be a trouble maker.

    1. A mocking name to call one that usually has bad luck, is clumzy, or all out has a bad time.

    When used as a noun:

    1. a curse or omen that leads to bad luck.

    As a verb:

    1. to wish upon bad luck on another.

    Jinx meaning & definition 11 of Jinx.

  • verb - To unintentionally curse someone or something by [talking out loud] about bad things that could potentially happen in the near future.
    (Similar to the [Knock on Wood] superstition)

    noun, exclamation - A game where two people try to be the first to shout [Jinx]! immediately after both people accidentally say the same word at the exact same time in a conversation. The person who says [jinx] first wins, and the loser is either branded unlucky until they win another round in the future, or in some cases, is expected to buy the winner a can or bottle of Coca-Cola.

    Jinx meaning & definition 12 of Jinx.

  • If used in a name:
    Usually [that one person] (normally female, but can be male) who is notorious for being all over the place (mentally and physically). Jinx normally have a [destructive personality] and is probably the reason you [cant have nice things].

    Jinx meaning & definition 13 of Jinx.

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