• Producing fumes, or vapors. Cadet's fuming liquid (Chem.),alkarsin.-- Fuming liquor of Libsvius (Old Chem.), stannic chloride; thechloride of tin, SnCl4, forming a colorless, mobile liquid whichfumes in the air. Mixed with water it solidifies to the so-calledbutter of tin.-- Fuming sulphuric acid. (Chem.) Same as Disulphuric acid, uderDisulphuric.

  • When something has annoyed you so much that you begin complaining, and your voice goes high-pitched and squeaky. It may involve loud sounds of irritation being produced as a result of this 'fuming' state.

  • A person who spontaneously kicks Pyrch's nonexistent balls. Oftentimes refered to as the future face of Hooters. THe illegitimate mascot of Fairfield University, FU.


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