• A county in the north of England. Yorkshire grit, a kind ofstone used for polishing marble, and copperplates for engravers.Simmonds.-- Yorkshire pudding, a batter pudding baked under meat.

  • Best county in the UK by far. I aint ever gonna leave. Best accent n'all. Far less annoyin than dodgy southern accent.

  • A place for those who appreciate countryside and city alike, fresh air, culture, tradition, rain and down to earth, hard working folk. Not to forget an accent which has a soul, not something nicked off the telly.

  • Yorkshire is great cos you get a decent pint of beer

  • God's Back Garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The largest county in England with nice food (like sticky parkin), history (york and many old churches, castles and villages), some of the beautifulest areas of land in the country (the Yorkshire dales, the North York Moors and certain parts of the East coast like Bempton cliff) and many uncommon words and idioms which foreigners don't understand (see example section)

  • A large county in Northern [England]. Sometimes referred to as the Texas


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