• A thin, elastic strip of metal, whalebone, wood, or othermaterial, worn in the front of a corset.Her long slit sleeves, stiff busk, puff verdingall, Is all that makesher thus angelical. Marston.

  • to perform on the street by singing, playing an instrument, juggling, being a human statue...ect

  • Public performance for tips.

  • To lack the ability to ejaculate at an adequate speed.

  • Busk- stands for BUtt Ugly Sidekick
    A girl who others hang with to make them look prettier, or for protection. She is usually manly in size and appearance and men may fear her. A busk is also useful to men too though, because she is willing to do n e thing to be accepted. Like if ur drunk and need a ride home ur girlfriends busk will give u a ride home.

  • Adj. 1. Completely out of control, outrageous, in a grotesque fashion. Usually used in reference to an act of partying or sexual relations.

  • To lace a solid substance (i.e. cocaine, marijuana) with another drug.


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