• A well-known trailing plant (Cucurbita pepo) and its fruit, --used for cooking and for feeding stock; a pompion. Pumpkin seed. (a)The flattish oval seed of the pumpkin. (b) (Zoöl.) The commonpondfish.

  • A word used for an adorable person, or one that you love.

  • Slang

    Adj. (pmpkn, pm-, png-)

  • 1-A hard and round vegetable of the squash family that usually comes in a bright orange color or also green and yellow depending on how ripe and grown it is.

    -Usually used as food ie pie at Thanksgiving and as decoration ie Halloween (usually carved with some design, usually a face, which then gives it the name Jack-O-Lantern).

    2-A term of endearment like sweetheart, which means to call a person cute or adorable or sweet in reference to the pleasing nostalgic look of the pumpkin vegetable.

    -Commonly used towards females by males and to describe babies and children.

  • What rednecks like to do.

  • (verb) the time of night when you have to head to bed or home due to being very tried, or having something to do very early in the morning, Orgins- Cinderella

  • name given to an adorably affectionate guy by the girl that cant get enough of him. girls love him and guys just think hes whipped but make no mistake he can be a freak when he wants to.


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