• Double; twofold. Duplex escapement, a peculiar kind of watchescapement, in which the scape-wheel has two sets of teeth. SeeEscapement.-- Duplex lathe, one for turning off, screwing, and surfacing, bymeans of two cutting tools, on opposite sides of the piece operatedupon.-- Duplex pumping engine, a steam pump in which two steam cylindersare placed side by side, one operating the valves of the other.-- Duplex querela Etym: [L., double complaint] (Eccl. Law), acomplaint in the nature of an appeal from the ordinary to hisimmediate superior, as from a bishop to an archbishop. Mozley

  • A duplex communication system is a system comprised of two connected parties or devices which can communicate with one another in both directions. (The term duplex is not used when describing communication between more than two parties or devices.)

  • Two separate turds coming out of your asshole at the same time.

  • When a woman gets the thin piece of skin between her anus and her vagina removed creating one large orifice.

  • Half finished housed that are normally found in the projects or ghetto because the construction workers were scared off by the two black guys who stare at them all day.

  • When one person sits down to take a shit, and another person sits on top of that person and shits through their legs.

  • 2 gay men stacked on top of eachother

  • The process of wiping ones own butt with both hands, front and back, at the same time.


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