• A shark of the genus Sphyrna or Zygæna, having the eyes set onprojections from the sides of the head, which gives it a hammershape. The Sphyrna zygæna is found in the North Atlantic. Called alsohammer fish, and balance fish.

  • A person who is heavily intoxicated to the point that his/her eyes deviate away from their head (much like how a hammerhead shark is)

  • Another word for penis you can say in public

  • Term used in the cycling community for a really gung-ho athletic rider, the kind with an intense training regimen and a need

  • (n.) One who is slow in grasping an idea or concept. One who talks the talk but cannot walk the coroporate walk. An albatross around the neck of any company, quite likely to scare away the customers. Hammerheads are often killed in road accidents.

  • A drinking game for the boys. Involves two pong games going on simultaneously on two tables shaped like a hammerhead. One table is straight and the other table is faced sideways connected to the first table. The game that involves the long table involves cups 4-3-2-1 and is 2v2. The short table is 1v1 and has cups 3-2-1. One team from long game and short game are on same team. First team to eliminate all cups wins.

  • someone who copies every single fucking joke you say. Basically, a massive, unoriginal twat.

  • a stupid or incompetent person.