• Spanish word. I dont think theres a direct english word translation.

    Having an unusually high or exaggerated sense of masculinity. Including an attitude that aggression, strength, [sexual prowess], power and control is the measure of someones [manliness]. Also, a [machismo] man feels having these traits entitles him to respect and obedience from men and women around him.

    The belief in the right to dominate and control, including, but not limited to, control over women.

    Machismo meaning & definition 1 of Machismo.

  • Hispanic-Mexican slang - The word [machismo] ultimately boils down to a man who is beating his chest behaving as [brash] and arrogant as possible while really coming off as a cocky jerk of limited manners. This kind of man is not revered by women with a high IQ. It can be used as an indirect way to delivery a back-handed complement (double meaning) to a self absorbed man-boy who doesnt understand the current accepted meaning of the word (jerk) and doesnt want to believe he is not a [nice guy, but] is really just a jerk.

    Machismo meaning & definition 2 of Machismo.

  • Having or exuding a certain [confidence]. (assuredness, cockyness)

    2)Possessing a certain [mojo] that tends to drive [the ladies] wild

    Machismo meaning & definition 3 of Machismo.

  • [macho], stereotypically [manly]

    Machismo meaning & definition 4 of Machismo.

  • a [strong] [manly] [vibe].

    Machismo meaning & definition 5 of Machismo.

  • 1: The favorite word of Larry [Gaydos] on News Radio [620] KTAR.

    2: [Man seed] aka JIZZ...

    Machismo meaning & definition 6 of Machismo.

  • Strong or aggressive masculine pride.

    Machismo meaning & definition 7 of Machismo.

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