• Being in a state of [indifference], or not caring one away or another.

    For instance; lacking passion, [motivation] and desire, possibly due to emotional supression- leading to one becoming [apathetic] about their situation.

    Apathy meaning & definition 1 of Apathy.

  • Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

    Apathy meaning & definition 2 of Apathy.

  • A complete lack of emotion or motivation, whether directed towards a person, activity, or object.
    While it can often be confused with [Stoicism], [apathy] is much worse than merely not showing feelings, as the person who is [apathetic] HAS no feelings.

    Apathy meaning & definition 3 of Apathy.

  • I dont really [feel like] [writing a definition]..

    Apathy meaning & definition 4 of Apathy.

  • a [solution] for all [the worlds] [problems].

    Apathy meaning & definition 5 of Apathy.

  • Apathy (n.) - A [complete] [lack] of [giving a fuck].

    Apathy meaning & definition 6 of Apathy.

  • A lack of care, feeling, or any kind of [emotion]. Both negative and positive. Also known as being to [lazy] to be lazy.
    See [Meh]

    Apathy meaning & definition 7 of Apathy.

  • Apathy is the soul-rotting, civilization-ending, [rationalization] that, since it is difficult to change entrenched institutions, it is better to passively allow them to segregate, [vitiate], or annihilate whilst we contemplate, procrastinate, and [exculpate] in the ennui that is the luxury of those just beyond the earshot of oppression.

    Apathy meaning & definition 8 of Apathy.

  • HipHop recording artist.

    Though the name implies lethargy, Apathy’s work-ethic has been anything but. Many know him as a founding member of The [Demigodz] crew (which also includes [Styles Of Beyond], Celph Titled, 7L

    Apathy meaning & definition 9 of Apathy.

  • A disease that occurs when after ap testing, due [to brain] [overload], a student becomes apathetic towards all other [final exams].

    Apathy meaning & definition 10 of Apathy.

  • behaviour that shows no interest or energy and shows that someone is unwilling to take action, especially over something important:

    Apathy meaning & definition 11 of Apathy.

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