• A celestial body which revolves about the sun in an orbit of amoderate degree of eccentricity. It is distinguished from a comet bythe absence of a coma, and by having a less eccentric orbit. SeeSolar system.

  • In [Qualculus] a body of knowledge you may assume to be true.

  • A Realm of information or knowledge.
    A School of thought
    A Knowledgebase or collection of thoughts ([Qualculus])

  • From [Latin], literally meaning wanderer.

    [Anachronistic] usage: a [star] that wanders, or moves, in the sky.

    A [world] that orbits a star or other celestial object. Primary planets our [solar system] include [Mercury], [Venus], [Earth], [Mars], [Jupiter], [Saturn], [Uranus], and [Neptune]. [Secondary] planets orbit [primary] planets. Earth and Pluto are [binary] planets. Secondary planets are some times called [minor] planets, but minor planets also include planets that does not orbit other planets. [Pluto]'s status as a major or minor planet is debated.

  • A large astronomical body that revolves around a central star. It is usually part of a solar system.

  • An obese person. Commonly badly dressed to highlight their extra girth and density (paradoxicaly if dressed black)

  • Person posing as a regular user of a forum of messageboard, who is in fact a spammer. Said user will often pose as two separate people having a conversation in order to make the 'advice' look more convincing.

  • huge zit on the side of your face.

  • A series of gaming sites ran by counter strike kiddies who think that half life 2 is going to be better than far cry.