• A general view, or a collection of heads or parts so arrangedas to exhibit a general view of the whole; an abstract or summary ofa discourse; a syllabus; a conspectus.That the reader may see in one view the exactness of the method, aswell as force of the argument, I shall here draw up a short synopsisof this epistle. Bp. Warburton.

  • Im going to make it simple it basically means a general summary to give a basic understanding of a topic!

  • a sexual act often performed in a library or place of work. a shorter version of what will happen later.

  • Used to laugh at anyone who doesn't kow what the word synopsis really means. As versatile as the word fuck, you can use it any situation.

    Came from my friend who actually uses it like this because he didn't know what it meant when I said it to him (properly)


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