• The last and worst of the four ages of the world; -- consideredto have begun B. C. 3102, and to last 432,000 years.

  • know as a goddess for power, beauty and the art of pushing someone out of their boundary line in order for them to grow. This goddess is more than a good friend but a beautiful creature. With hair flowing long and beautiful eyes no one can resist her. Although at the first meeting she may be timid but it is only hiding the wild goddess inside of her. To be friends with someone named Kali is like having good luck for the rest of your life.

  • Hindu Goddess of death and destruction; also of childhood drems and wishes.

  • a referred to girls with brown hair, brown eyes, cute face, and sexy body. These girls are very sweet, sensitive, loving, and absolutely amazing.

    1. A really amazing girl who everyone looks up to. She's gorgeous but people don't love her for her looks. She stands up for what is right and wont tolerate stupidity or obnoxiousness from anyone. She does her best to help people when they need it, but has no sympathy for people who ignored her original advice and got into trouble. She is a down-to-earth chick with a fun, caring personality. (Generally does what makes her happy.)

  • An amazing person who is beautiful inside and out. Is a great friend and is very funny! She underestimates herself. If you tell her she is pretty she will deny it. She can make friends with about anyone!

  • often referred to a girl with brunette hair, brown eyes, cute face, tiny, and who has a friendly personality; not a whore; loves more than anything; sensitive; perfect; stunning; goddess; AMAZING; a walking orgasm

  • Kali is the most beautiful girl you will ever see in your whole entire life. She is sooo pretty, she has a great personality, and she has lots of friends. Everyone thinks she is amazing ; and they're right. She has the prettiest hazel eyes ever. She has long brown hair that blows dramatically in the wind. She's a tiny kind of girl and she's pretty athletic. She's a very happy, outgoing, and bubbly person. She tends to stay away from drama which is good. You can trust her 100% and she will never let you down. If you ever meet her, you'll be so glad you did. Meeting Kali will be one of the best experiences of your life.

  • the queen of the chicken dance

  • Rasta slang for weed

  • From all available evidence, this woman was possessed of a beauty beyond compare. This sonnet was found written on the hearts of any man who met her, “I have been enslaved by bliss”. Anthropologists often mistook her for a “goddess of destruction” but evidence has confirmed that the destruction that surrounded her was due to the effect she had on men. Scholars generally refer to her now as, “the goddess of distraction”. It was impossible to accomplish anything in her presence. Although her beauty is immortal, she is apparently possessed of many skills. It is said that if a man could restrain himself from expressing his undying love for her, an event which usually occurred within the first few minutes of gazing upon her beauty, you would gain a lifelong friend and protector. So fierce was she in battle that it is said her eyes alone could save a kingdom from destruction. Additionally, all of the arts increased in her time. Every man sought to become an artist in the classic sense in order to win her favor. It is said that more men were musicians, sculptors, poets and painters in this period of our human history than in any other. The scope of this definition makes it impossible to treat the extant works extolling her beauty. So sensual was this goddess that it is claimed that the famed library of Alexandria was comprised mostly of the hopes of men, written in ink, that they should not die before they tasted the fruits of her love.


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