• See Isle, n., 2. Islands of the blessed (Myth.), islandssupposed to lie in the Western Ocean, where the favorites of the godsare conveyed at death, and dwell in everlasting joy.

  • A bowel movement so large that it breaks the surface of the toilet water, creating an island in the bowl.

  • a area of land 100% surrounded by water

  • If a cup is separated from the rest of the cups a shooting player may call island. If called and hit successfully two cups are removed (that cup and any other). If called and another cup is hit that cup stays on the table and no cup is removed.

  • A word used to describe yourself as being single usually when one is too ashamed to use the word 'single'.

  • The piece of skin between a girls asshole and pussy

  • In New York City and surrounding suburbs 'The Island' means Long Island. Specifically the geographical part of Long Island that does not include the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens which are technically ON Long Island. That is, it refers to Nassau and Suffolk counties (of New York State).

  • An island is a gay person that is not on the scene and usually does not care to be on it. Usually because he knows what drama it entails. Islands are happy living on their island, isolated around their ocean of girlfriends.

    Also, while the seas might be well charted , few people might know he is out, or know of him, tho usually they are out or just sooo obviously gay. Unless you have habit of visiting the tropics then u might not know them!

  • A place where people are usually nice to each other, nobody's in a hurry, people stop and talk to each other on the street even in nasty weather, there are no secrets, and life just pretty much works the way it should most of the time. It's not too complicated.

  • The thin strip of skin precariously located between a mans brown star and berries.

  • new york city. alot of new york rappers (especially the ones from queens) use the word island to refer to new york city


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