• A gambling game at cardds, in whiich all the other players playagainst the dealer or banker, staking their money upon the order inwhich the cards will lie and be dealt from the pack. Faro bank, thecapital which the proprietor of a farotable ventures in the game;also, the place where a game of faro is played. Hoyle.

  • Faro is a smart, sexy, fun,sassy woman.Someone you always WANT to be around.If your down she will make you forget about your worries. She is the most amazing leader of her kind and all who work under her have an amazing time but also respect her greatly. She gets scared easily so don't play any pranks or take her to see scary movies !!!!!!!!!! Faro knows how to have a good time and bring the life out of anyone around her. Loves to dance even when she is being watched and loves to raise the roof. She appreciates the different tastes of the fine foods and fruits around her. She is boy hungry and yet un tamable . Watch out for this wild spit fire faro because as nice as she is she can bite if crossed ! Don't try and be shy around miss faro because that's not going to happen... she has a sparkling personality that you can see from miles away ......

  • An upstate New York term used for anyone that is a tool, loser, faggot, bitch, or incredibly annoying person. Usually you can just tell when someone is a faro.


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