• A carack. See Carack. Carrick bend (Naut.), a kind of knot,used for bending together hawsers or other ropes.-- Carrick bitts (Naut.), the bitts which support the windlass.Totten.

  • Noun: a short form of Carrickfergus, a medium-sized seaside town in [Northern Ireland], home to a castle, some decent pubs, and more inbred people than [Ballycarry].
    Although there are other towns prefixed with Carrick- , it is generally accepted that it refers to Carrickfergus.
    There are virtually no shops in Carrick. There are a lot of hairdressers, several banks, two places to get [chaps] (the [Hat Spat] and the [Castle Chippie]) and a shitload of offies. There are also a million places you can get your fuckin head bate in.
    There are two roads out of Carrick. The one to [Belfast] has always got a traffic jam on it. The other one goes to [Larne], so obviously there's only ever a load of lorries on it.
    Carrick is populated by two types of people: [Carrick People] and everyone else. Everyone else doesn't want to live there, but they have been shat on from a high height at some stage.

  • A run down whole with a castle

  • A mixture between the word carrot and dick.A penis that resembes a carrot. it's also a what drunk parents name their ugly children.


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