• Same as Chromium. Chrome alum (Chem.), a dark violet substance,(SO4)3Cr2.K2SO4.24H2O, analogous to, and crystallizing like, commonalum. It is regarded as a double sulphate of chromium and potassium.-- Chrome green (a) The green oxide of chromium, Cr2O3, used inenamel painting, and glass staining. (b) A pigment made by mixingchrome yellow with Prussian blue.-- Chrome red, a beautiful red pigment originally prepared from thebasic chromate of lead, but now made from red oxide of lead.-- Chrome yellow, a brilliant yellow pigment, PbCrO4, used bypainters.

  • a handgun

  • A [web browser] created by [Google] that has great potential to be the best browser out there.

  • [211] (high gravity), the [40] with 8.1% alc that really hits the spot, called chrome due to its silver label

  • used in reference to firearms, wheels on a car, or the chemical process to make the parts of a motorcycle shiney.

  • A nickle plated, semi-automatic handgun. Typically a 9MM, but there are many variations.

  • Among the most fucked up bands, and was beyond fucked up in the 80's, and yet to this date it's still way past its time.

  • Chromium plate as a decorative or protective finish on motor-vehicle fittings and other objects.


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