• To imagine guilt; to have a suspicion or suspicions; to besuspicious.If I suspect without cause, why then make sport at time. Shak.

  • A term used to identify any noun as being suspicious.

  • A guy that you think is gay, or is acting verry homosexual.

  • The word suspect is meant to suggest that somone is believed to be below par. They are hiding something or are believed to have a serious character flaw which makes them undesirible as a friend or acqaintence. In some areas it is primarily used to describe a feminine man or a man who is not feminine but suspected of homosexuality or other sexual deviances. Most commonly used to denote suspected homosexual tendencies.

  • person who's sexual preference is questionable - gives others reason to be suspicious of his/her heterosexuality - gives off homosexual vibes and displays characteristics common to the homosexual community

  • A man who shows signs of being homosexual.

  • an extremely sketchy individual or situation that raises suspicion, or any comment made by an individual that causes uncertainty and/or awkward situations.

  • When a male white/black/tan or brown is doing some gay shit but your not sure enought to call his ass a FAGGOT !

  • When one acts or does things in a manner that would lead others into thinking him/her is doing something that they may not want others to know. This is mostly used for:

    1. Men who may be suspicious of being gay or
    2. People who may be accused as [snitches] for cops or rival factions/gangs,
    3. People you cannot trust

    Suspect people act nervous around certain people, get nervous or too defensive about certain topics, and/or have this uneasy vibe around them that makes others nervous. Also known as [Rats] or [Snitches] and to some even [Metrosexual] or [gay]


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