• Microblogging is posting brief and often frequent updates online. Unlike traditional blogs, which are often hosted on a custom website, microblogs are typically published on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

    The most common microblogging platform is Twitter, which allows allows you to post updates of 140 characters or less. These updates, called tweets, may include hashtags, mentions (links to other Twitter users), or links to online resources, such as webpages, images, or videos. When you microblog using Twitter, your updates are seen by all users who have chosen to follow you.

    Microblogging on Facebook is more flexible than on Twitter, since you can post longer updates and include media directly in your posts. You can also share content with other users, similar to Twitters retweet feature. Though Facebook makes it easy to post quick updates, its focus is more towards social networking than microblogging. Therefore, Twitter remains the most popular microblogging platform.

    While Facebook and Twitter dominate the microblogging scene, there are several other options available. One popular service is Tumblr, a website (owned by Yahoo!) that was designed specifically for microblogging. Tumblr allows you to easily insert photos, videos, quotes, and links into your posts and includes a reblog feature for sharing other users posts. Another service is Google , which is similar to Facebook, and allows you to post updates that can be seen by the public or specific user within Google circles. Instagram (owned by Facebook) is a microblogging platform designed for sharing images, while Vine allows you to share short videos.

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