Choir boy

    Choir boy

  • Term used to completely embarrass and degrade someone.

    Originally from the Schwartzeneggers movie End of days (1999), used massively in Arnolds prank calls on youtube.

    * These videos are coming directly from Youtube, they may or may not be most relevant to the word "Choir boy"

  • Choir boy

  • a different word for pussy,chicken

  • Choir boy

  • A boy who sings in a choir. All of whom can be put in at least one of the following catagories, leaving having a good relationship with them hopeless for any choir girl

    1)happily taken
    4)weird, socially awkward and/or gross

  • Choir boy

  • a term used by guys who are too afraid to sing in front of people. also used to make fun of a guy who has choir on his letter jacket even though he gets more ass then the other guys.


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