Double t

    Double t

  • as far as foreplay can go without hitting any of the bases.

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  • Double t

  • A tattoo on the breast region of a woman. Double T refers to TITTIE TATTOO, TITTIE TAT. Double Ts are a dying art and are usually found on older women, and are usually very faded.

  • Double t

  • standing for triangle tits, a name given to a female possesing extremely large nipples, generally a breast to nipple ratio equal to or exceeding 2:1.

    ie. nipple diameter is greater than or equal to half breast diameter

    formula for double Ts: nipple©ª ¡Ã breast©ª/2

    easily found when wet or damp, white/faded/see-through swimming costumes or shirts are worn on German swimming teachers.

  • Double t

  • An evolved form of [Triple D]. Someone who used to have DDDs in her unrestrained past but has now matured and lives moderately though she can still let loose with the best of them.

  • Double t

  • Double T, meaning someone is extremely attractive. Usually directed at a male.

    Originating form the word hot- then hott <-- notice teh double Ts?


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