• sex ... pure unadulterated sex.

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  • Tumble

  • Tumble is a slang word used by Kenilworthians (those from Kenilworth, UK), and is said when someone makes a joke that nobody laughs at.

    The word originates from the way that in TV shows and Films, when somebody makes a bad joke a piece of tumbleweed rolls past.

    The word tumble can also be used to describe someone who makes bad jokes, or someone who is generally perceived as a bit of a loser.

    Also, a situation which didnt go as planned can be described as a tumble.

    Other uses of the term include:

    Tumble Beg - Someone who makes bad jokes, is perceived as a loser, and begs it off girls and/or begs it for popularity.

    Yeeeuuuurrrrr a teeeuuuummmmbbbbllleeeeeee - Used to proceed Bing... Bong.

  • Tumble

  • Basically, a full blown, unadulterated fuck really.

  • Tumble

  • When a straight man goes gay for the first time. The first time he has gay sex. He is said to tumble. Used especially in the case of very macho tough guys.

  • Tumble

  • Marijuana, pot, weed etc. Short for tumbleweed.

  • Tumble

  • The coolest way to speak of tumblr so nobody knows what youre really saying.

    cuz we dont want it to be MAINSTREAM lolz.

  • Tumble

  • To comprehend the meaning of another slang expression.

  • Tumble

  • 1.The bear named tumble who follows us around in his airspeeder. 2.Something the bear named tumble does. 3.A tumble roll.


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