• distracted, preoccupied, generally out-of-it, not lucid

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  • Flavored

  • When a bitch eats food with different spices. As a result it smells and tastes differently.

  • Flavored

  • To work for a start-up company and be made promises (such as private equity in the company, overtime pay, bonuses, days off, profit-sharing, paid time off, etc.) to incentivize getting you to work 100 hour weeks in order to deliver over-promised client project(s) only to be laid off with no heads-up, no severance and no courtesy whatsoever upon delivering aforementioned project(s). Effectively never receiving such promises and leaving you the weekend to scramble to pull together a portfolio, resume and make preparations to find another job. Optionally, you will be informed the partners will be okay and not to worry about them to conclude the layoff meeting.


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