• Thunderball

    A glorious game emerging from the coattails of of standard Professional Baseball. Highly contraversial due to the extreme nature of the game.

    Differences when compared to baseball inclue, but are not limited to:

    1. Defenders are allowed stop base runners by any means necessary. In turn runners are allowed to keep their bats to defend themselves.
    2. Pitchers are allowed to throw three balls consecutively, and in a game are given a total of three ceramic balls filled with whatever they want.
    3. Wild Dogs and gorgeous honeys are allowed to roam the field distracting and attacking defenders or offenders at their whim.
    4. Each inning the offenders are allowed to control a Miata which is allowed to roam the field, defending few, and flattening others.
    5. And Lastly, twenty feet behind second base is the gun circle, with a fully loaded revolver. Under no circumstance are players allowed to enter the gun circle, or use the gun.

    The players amazing, the game phenomenal. This is Thunderball!

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