• v. to falsify official documents, reports, logs, etc. especially in cases where work was not actually performed.

    The area on old British warships below the upperdeck, to give a false perception of the actual amount of ammuniton onboard. This is supposedly how the term was derived.

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  • Gundeck

  • The practice of doing shoddy work and making it appear to have been done correctly. Naval slang, meaning slapped together or crudely repaired and then covered up.

  • Gundeck

  • VERB: (origin: Old Navy term sill in common use. Refers to that part of an old sailing vessel where sailors would hide to keep from having to do their work). Def: 1. to perform a job poorly, at or below a minimum standard.

    NOUN: Def. 1. that part of a fighting ship where the cannons (guns) where stored and fired from.


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