• The tendency of a person to kill every funny joke said in the presence of that person. Then they will try to laugh about it and pretend they did it on purpose, but they really didnt.

    Known Cures:

    1. Putting a bullet in their skull
    2. Telling them to shut the FUCK up
    3. Killing yourself so you dont have to hear their pathetic attempts at being funny

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  • The terrible condition of believing that one is completely infallible. A major symptom is negating arguments by repeating the phrase You know Im right, dont argue. People afflicted are often shunned by most of their acquaintances.

  • Samitis

  • A disease, whose symptoms involve breaking things or hurting ones self /others, by means of being over excited, over zealous, or clumsy

  • Samitis

  • The condition in which a person finds themselves thinking about, missing, or daydreaming about a person with the names: Sam, Samuel, Samantha, Samson, etc.


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