• Noun- The act of a man receiving oral sex while outside during blizzard/snowfall.

  • * These videos are coming directly from Youtube, they may or may not be most relevant to the word "Blurry"


  • (n) someone with similar characteristics to a [furry] but who keeps them hidden or more subtle

    a furry who refuses to out herself or himself, a closet furry

    someone who dresses like an animal associated with speed, such as a cheetah, hummingbird, or bumblebee

    someone who dresses like an animal and goes to moderate lengths not to reveal her or his identity

    someone who creates an animal persona incorporating the word blur, or a synonym, into the characters name

    someone who associates with [furries] but shows few or no signs of being one

    a furry in denial

    someone who blurs the distinction between furries and non-furries; someone who shows some signs of being one but not enough to qualify

  • Blurry

  • A PMSing GameSurge staff member :o


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