• (beem-ing)

    1. under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, namely [acid]. Person is generally noticeably tripping hard, characterized by unintelligible speech, maniacal laughter, wide eyes, and any other noticeable spazzing out.
    2. A more palatable word for [tripping].

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    1. On Ecstasy pills or MDMA.
    2. Having noticably dilated pupils due to Ecstasy use.

  • Beaming

  • The act of fingering a girl with three fingers all aligned parallel as opposed to in the shape of a cone. The name is given due to its resemblance to a beam of light.

  • Beaming

  • The state of having erect nipples [high beams]

  • Beaming

  • When someones face glows bright red with embarrassment.

    A step up from blushing.


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